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Site-Specific, Exterior Installations

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Blue Stone
Chen Weicai • Chengdu, China  https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/-x5BHtO91k_MvDHQyiakPg

For BLUE STONE, Chen Weicai found a point on the side of the Jinma River in Chengdu, and then took its center as 30 ° 48′54 ″ north latitude and 103 ° 42′53 ″ east longitude and used a blue stone (found in the area) to record this latitude and longitude; and then, holding the blue stone, he walked to the "center" point, and marked the original latitude and longitude and travel steps with paint.

Chen Weicai works with installation, video and sites, where he chooses "materials and environments" from his life to create on-site sculptures. 

 Local.lnternational, 515 Creative Art Village Art Fair (Dazhou, China), 2020 
UABB (Shenzhen), Xichong sub-venue, Xichong Resort (Shenzhen, China), 2019 
China-Chengdu CCACO HeHezhidao International Public Creative Camp, Shou'an International Public Art Park (Chengdu,China), 2019 
The 18th Saint Germain Parcouse Art Festival (Paris, France), 2018   
Social Theater: Participation & Sharing, the 5th Chongqing Youth Art Biennial (Chongqing, China), 2017