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Site-Specific, Exterior Installations

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Women And Girls With Empowering Quotes
Patricia Dahlman • New Jersey, USA  www.patriciadahlman.com

WOMEN AND GIRLS WITH EMPOWERING QUOTES is a public art work made with photographs of women and girls that are paired with embroidered quotes by women leaders

Patricia Dahlman is a New Jersey based artist who makes art works with fabric, thread, paper and photographs.

Windows of Understanding, #WeSeeThroughHate, The City of New Brunswick (New Brunswick, New Jersey, USA), 2020
Parent Portraits, Westbeth Gallery (New York, USA), 2019
Bringing It All Back Home, Index Art Center (Newark, New Jersey, USA), 2019
Curmudgeon, Odetta Gallery (Brooklyn, New York, USA), 2018
Intimate Lines: Drawing With Thread, Hunterdon Art Museum (Clinton, New Jersey, USA), 2017