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Site-Specific, Exterior Installations

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Peripheral Sites Series-39
Tsai Chih-Fen • Taiwan  https://tcaaarchive.org/artist/1011/

PERIPHERAL SITES SERIES – 39 reflects on the fragility of human existence and living condition by investigating disintegrating landscapes along the north coast of Taiwan to provoke multifarious discussions on issues regarding the exploitation of nature.

Tsai Chih-Fen critically examines the interplay of space and place that are related to people's cultural identity, integrating photography, video and installation to reflect upon the tremendous destruction caused by complex social factors.

Collective (in)Action, Memorial Union Gallery (Fargo, USA), 2019
Tsai Chih-Fen: Peripheral Sites, CICA Museum (Gimpo, Korea), 2019
Chinese Art Enthusiast, Zhengzhou Art Museum (Zhengzhou, China), 2019
The 3rd Seoul International Art Expo 2019  Kangnam Coex Hall (Seoul, Korea), 2019
Art and Awareness, Millenium Art Gallery (London, UK), 2019