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Site-Specific, Exterior Installations

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Werden / Wollen
Johannes Michler • Germany

WERDEN / WOLLEN is an environmental intervention (using silicate bricks), reflecting physical perception and the individual projection of sense to a pure structural arrangement.

Johannes Michler has been a professional artist since 1981, and from 2006-2020 a lecturer and head of the sculpture workshop at Muthesius Academy Kiel, Germany.

Johannes Michler Skulptur, Hordaland Kunstner Sentrum (Bergen, Norway), 1993
Erschließung, spatial installation, Stadtgalerie (Kiel, Germany), 1999
   S.L.A.R. AiR (Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, USA), 2011
untitled, spatial structures, AiR Hassla Art Museum (Gangneung, South Korea), 2012
   Klassentreffen 69-96, Kunstverein Haus 8 (Kiel, Germany), 2019