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Suche nach dem Nichts (Searching for Nothingness)
Renate Hahn • Germany  www.renatehahn.de

SUCHE NAH DEM NICHTS (SEARCHING FOR NOTHINGNESS): The fragility of body and soul has been captured by translucent body parts (wax) and portraits of a man and a woman, dissolving slowly into a wax sheet.

Renate Hahn was highly influenced by a six-months stay in Japan in the late nineties and, since then, has developed small and big size installations and performances.

• Renate Hahn, Nevertheless, Tapetenfabrik (Bonn, Germany), 2013
Renate Hahn, Performance, Bridge Guard (Sturovo, Slovakia), 2016
Skin-deep, Galerie Haus Seel (Siegen, Germany), 2016
Between Heaven and Earth, Haus der Redoute (Bonn, Germany), 2018
Jump, Zitadelle (Berlin-Spandau, Germany), 2019