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Illusions Fishing
Dorothea Fleiss • Germany  http://www.dorothea-fleiss.eu

ILLUSIONS FISHING: Illusion distort our reception, nevertheless we fish our own sensory impressions every day, which is often an illusion of our own reality.

Dorothea Fleiss is a visual artist, life-long believer in artistic collaboration across the art whose works include paintings, installations, works on paper and book art.

• Spuren fremder Errinnerungen, The Art Gallery, CMU (Chiang Mai, Thailand), 2019
Art Museum (Tirana, Albania), 2012
Fészek Gallery (Budapest, Hungary), 2012
• Fire House Gallery (Bay Shore, New York, USA), 2013
Art Museum Qinghuangdao (Qinghuangdao, China), 2011