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Migrations 3
Patrick Altes • United Kingdom www.patrickaltes.com

MIGRATIONS 3: As the artist Patrick Altes writes, “The Mediterranean shores are nexus of civilisations that have traditionally cross-fertilised each other;  colonial empires are gone but their toxic legacy remains and influence the way the ‘Other’ is perceived.”

Born Algeria, Patrick Altes’ interest in postcolonialism and its enduring effects on contemporary society is instrumental to his artistic process.

London Art Fair, Janet Rady Fine Art (London, UK), 2020
Tolerance, curated by Janet Rady with the support of the London Arts Council, Gerald Moore Gallery (Mottingham, London, UK), 2019
Oran 4th Biennale of Contemporary Art, Museum of Modern Arts of Oran (MAMO) (Oran, Algeria), 2017
Art16, London Global Art Fair, Lahd Gallery (London, UK), 2016
7th International Festival of Contemporary Arts (FIAC), Museum of Modern and Contemporary Arts of Algiers (MAMA) (Algeria), 2015