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Michael McLoughlin • Ireland  http://www.mmcloughlin.org

WE is a 20min sound work in 4 sections made from recordings of the names of friends and family made with young people in Cēsis.

Michael McLoughlin is an artist from Ireland who since the 90’s has developed soundwork, drawings, sculptural objects, installations and presented new ways of making artwork in social contexts. 

 • Michael McLoughlin, Mulhuddart Satellite, Draíocht Art Centre (Dublin, Ireland), 2018
• Michael McLoughlin, Rest Here, UCD (Dublin, Ireland), 2017
• Michael Mcloughlin, Cumann: An Audio map of Limerick, Limerick City Gallery of Art (Limerick, Ireland), 2016
• Michael McLoughlin, Cumann, Droichead Art Centre (Drogheda, Ireland), 2016
Michael McLoughlin, I am here because I know you will be too, Dublin City Council (Dublin, Ireland), 2014