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Frank Appeal (Clay Music) • Germany https://soundcloud.com/weareclay

ambiValencia was recorded in 2015 by Frank Appeal and his long-standing co-producer xOph for a project called Clay Music (clay, being softer than rock and harder than pulp) – part of a Travel Song Book that Frank wrote during his journeys around the world, mostly in bars and hotel rooms and with a little help from the locally crafted spiritual friends.

Frank Appeal is a "very frank (= super INdependent) tunesmith & wordblender, fathermocker & motherbrother from someWhere nearVana in PsychoSylvania."

beautYfools, zamma (Remshalden-Geradstetten, Germany), 2019
beautYfools, Das éclat (Schorndorf, Germany), 2019
beautYfools, Kunstverein Fellbach/FurBeach ArtClub (Fellbach, Germany), 2020