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PRESTO/PRESTISSIMO per Urlaluci e Rudidrone
Rudi Punzo • Italy http://www.rudipunzo.it/

PRESTO/PRESTISSIMO per Urlaluci e Rudidrone: Musical performance with analog based kinetic sonic sculptures in the church of S. Marco, Milan, Italy.

The Turin based artist Rudi Punzo is a sculptor, sound artist and performer, interested in metamorphosis and its symbiotic relationship with artistic transformation – the transformative act of making art out of discarded, abandoned and cast-off refuse into marvelously kinetic art works that are wonderfully ever-changing, renewing and surprising.

When sound becomes form, The story of the Italian sonic avant-garde, group exhibition curated by Carlo Fatigoni, MAXXI (Rome, Italy), 2019
The Sound of Light, @Generate!_lab Festival für elektronische Künste Shedhalle Tübingen, (Tübingen, Germany), 2018
Keelung Ciao Festival, artist in residence program (A.i.R) (Keelung, Taiwan), 2017
New Music Concert: Rudi Punzo, Yannick Franck e Sandeep Bhagwati, Goethe Institute, (Boston, Massachusetts, USA), 2016
• PRESTO/PRESTISSIMO per Urlaluci e Rudidrone, Sacrestia Monumentale – S. Marco cathedral (Milan, Italy), 2014