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The Story of Hair Tree & Intertwined
Arlene TuckerFinland  www.arlenetucker.net

THE STORY OF HAIR TREE & INTERTWINED: From collecting hair to mail exchange, the meaning making process is seen as we recount how we would like to be remembered and how we are remembered.

Arlene Tucker is an artist and educator whose work brings awareness that we are constantly in a state of translation – playfully and dialogically, we go.

Solmu-sarja / Knots series, Kääntöpaikka Gallery (Helsinki, Finland), 2020
Free Translation, MAA tila (Helsinki, Finland), 2018
Mechanics of Conformity, Objekti Festival (Espoo, Finland), 2018
Story Data – Muistoja säästä, IHME Contemporary Art Festival (Helsinki, Finland), 2018
• Arlene Tucker: Ryijy: deepening knots, Vanja Sea Gallery (Fiskars, Finland), 2018