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Living Quilt for Santa Rosa
Jane Ingram Allen •  California, USA http://janeingramallen.wordpress.com

LIVING QUILT FOR SANTA ROSA: Handmade paper quilt with seeds in the pulp to change over time and produce living wildflowers that bring new life to an area devastated by wildfires. 

Jane Ingram Allen is an international artist using hand papermaking to create art that changes over time and involves nature and people as collaborating partners. 

Women Eco Artists Dialog, Yolo Arts (Woodland, California, USA), 2020
Living Quilt for Santa Rosa, Rincon Ridge Park (Santa Rosa, California, USA), 2019
Guns into Flowers, South Natomas Community Center Park (Sacramento, California, USA), 2019
Green Habitat, Shiva Gallery, John Jay College of City University of New York (New York, USA), 2018
Site Maps, Museum of Paper and Book Arts, Ege University (Izmir, Turkey), 2015