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Reality Trailer 2020
Michal Pal Bracha and Galia Katz • Israel https://www.facebook.com/MG-Artistic-Communication-105487574501453

REALITY TRAILER 2020 deals with the multitude of mass media imagery that has flooded Western society, engaging with mass communication, the ocean of information, stratified reality, capital-rule, modern and postmodern art, transcription, simulation and simulacra, pixels, capitalism, culture of affluence, technology, selfie and reality construction.

Michal & Galia: “One day it will have to be officially admitted that what we have christened reality is an even greater illusion than the world of dreams.”  – Salvador Dali

Display boxes, Moby Museum Bat Yam (Bat Yam, Israel), 2015
Display Boxes, 19 Hayarkon Gallery (Tel Aviv, Israel), 2015
‘Poetican - In Place’, Terminal, Ashdod Museum of Art (Ashdod, Israel), 2016
‘Poetican - Lonely Singer is the Heart, Evolu-Zionist’, Ashdod Museum of Art (Ashdod, Israel), 2017
Fringe Style Festival in Ashdod, Del Arte Dance, Market, Quarter A (Ashdod, Israel), 2017