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Memoria - Özlem Kalkan Erenus
Özlem Kalkan Erenus • Turkey www.ozlemkalkanerenus.com

MEMORIA – ÖZLEM KALKAN ERENUS: Video presentation of Erenus’ mixed media works focusing on humans in terms of their individual and social dimensions, tracing the trails in the artist’s memory.

Özlem Kalkan Erenus is a mixed media artist and freelance art writer.

Özlem Kalkan Erenus: Memoria, Corvin Castle (Hunedoara, Romania), 2017
Progress and Climate Change, United Nations Headquarters (New York, USA), 2015
Intercultural Links, Palais de Nations (Geneva, Switzerland), 2015
Özlem Kalkan Erenus: Masquerade; Fragmented Mental Portraits, Mask Museum (Izmir, Turkey), 2013
Freedom and Art Without Borders, European Parliament (Brussels, Belgium), 2013