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Pour Out Your Heart
Company Art Project • Chengdu, China  almost4art.com

POUR OUT YOUR HEART: 100 mothers were interviewed and encouraged to talk about the contradiction between woman's self-value, family and social relationships, which Company Art Project took as a springboard for their video, aesthetically formatted to suggest the old-fashioned karaoke style of editing images and lyrics.

Company Art Project is an artist-group located in Chengdu, China that focuses on socially engaged, participatory artwork to explore the possibilities of artistic creation.

The 1st Fang Jian Community Art Festival, East Municipal Park (Chengdu, China), 2019
Tea Party in Huang Bian Village – Community Art Festival, Guangdong Times Museum (Guangdong, China), 2019
Pour Out Your Heart – iSTART Children’s Art Festival, A4 Art Museum (Chengdu, China), 2018
CITRUS Public Art Festival, Zhong Ao Village (Ningbo, China), 2018
Company Art Project 1.0, A4 Art Center (Chengdu, China, 2015