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MC Beastly | Shhh [Music Video
Cerulean • United Kingdom www.CeruleanSounds.com

MC Beastly | Shhh: Directed by Lyd Tha Kid, this music video is from the project ‘Small Town Dreamers,’ which hopes to highlight aspiring artists from overlooked British towns.

Cerulean explores human emotions, from the colorful/amusing to the deep/soulful, and seeks to recover their place in the age of technology.

Mercury Hamlet, Chopin Theatre (Chicago, Illinois, USA), 2019
The Importance of Being Earnest, New Wimbledon Theatre (London, UK), 2017
Much Ado About Nothing, Jardin Shakespeare (Paris, France), 2017
Cerulean @ Logan Cabaret, Logan Center for the Arts (Chicago, Illinois, USA), 2018
Cerulean + Joselyn @ Music Forum, U Chicago (Chicago, Illinois, USA), 2018