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Polka Dot Brain
Antonio Olaio • Portugal https://antonioolaio.com

POLKA DOT BRAIN: One of the songs/videos Antonio Olaio makes and shows in his exhibitions, also as a performer, here with the collaboration of the musician/performer Richard Strange.

Antonio Olaio is a painter, performer, musician who works and lives in Coimbra where, in the early eighties, his performances led him to music.
João, also known as James, also known as Steve, also known as Franz, also known as Boris, Kubikulo, Kubik gallery (Porto, Portugal), 2020
Heading West, Appleton Square (Lisbon, Portugal), 2015
La prospettiva is sucking reality, Museum of Neo-realism, Vila Franca de Xira, Portugal and Gallery Mario Mauroner (Vienna, Austria), 2010
40 years in a plane, Kenny Schachter conTEMPorary (New York, USA), 2004
Telepathic agriculture, Galerie Schuster (Berlin, Germany); Galerie Schuster & Sheuermann (Frankfurt, Germany), 2002