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Collapse of the Senses
Andressa Cantergiani • Brazil/Germany  andressacantergiani.art.br

COLLAPSE OF THE SENSES is a performance of Dioptre (by Andressa Cantergiani and Roberta Vaz) – an homage to Bernardo de Souza's text  Dioptre – describing how the opposition between two opposing forces generates tension and the consequent fraying of dialectical possibilities, leading not to a synthesis, but to the suspension of a common lexicon and its syntactic possibilities.

Andressa Cantergiani is a contemporary performance artist whose work speaks of otherness, the body as a political artifact and womanhood.

●  Andressa Cantergiani: Trance, Espaço Saracvra (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), 2016
Reverse, Iberê Camargo Foundation (Porto Alegre, Brazil), 2018
●  Andressa Cantergiani: ΔOrista, ECARTA Gallery (Porto Alegre, Brazil), 2018 ●  Andressa Cantergiani: Corva, Mamute Gallery (Porto Alegre, Brazil), 2019
 Dioptre, ​Hoschschule Hannover Display Project Space (Berlin, Germany), 2019