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Ground Texture Recordings (Walking the Taw 2019)
Lydia Halcrow • United Kingdom  www.lydiahalcrow.com

GROUND TEXTURE RECORDINGS (WALKING THE TAW 2019): Drypoint etchings with collected earth Bideford Black, these registers hold a palimpsest of marks formed by textures underfoot on a series of walks.

Lydia Halcrow is a visual artist co-creating with a place to form a series of alternative textural and material maps of a landscape through walking.

• The Strandline, Burton Gallery (Bideford, UK), 2019 – 2020
• A Gathering of Unasked Possibility, Centrespace (Bristol, UK), 2019
• Loss and Lucidity, Fabrica Braco de Prata (Lisbon, Portugal), 2019
• Hold the Line, Arcade Gallery (Cardiff, Wales UK), 2018
• Imagined Landscapes, Royal West of England Academy (Bristol, UK), 2016