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Stone Fairy, The Hanging Pot
Chun-Hao (Howard) Chen • Taiwan  https://www.tinakenggallery.com/artists/49-/works/

STONE FAIRY, THE HANGING POT uses Chu-Hao’s signature uses of small nails to re-create this ancient Chinese masterpiece.

Chen Chun-Hao is “known for his mosquito nail painting that emulates ancient landscape with small headless pins, a modern industry product, to conjure a visual effect that reinterprets Chinese ink painting.”

• Chen Chun-Hao: Meandering Toward The Clouds, Tina Keng Gallery & TKG Projects, Taipei (Taipei, Taiwan), 2020
• Chun-Hao Chen: Landscape Painting Made of Mosquito Nails, Whitestone Gallery, Karuizawa (Nagano, Japan), 2018
Chen Chun-Hao: One Upon an Otherworldly Realm, Tina Keng Gallery & TKG+ Projects, Taipei (Taipei, Taiwan), 2017
Chen Chun-Hao Solo Exhibition: Reclaiming the Lost Territories, Tina Keng Gallery & TKG+ Projects, Taipei (Taipei, Taiwan), 2014
The Pioneers of Taiwanese Artists, 1971-1930, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts (Taichung, Taiwan), 2014