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Inicio (Beginning)
Filomena Petrucci • Venezuela www.fpetrucciarte.com

INICIO (BEGINNING): Mixed media on fabric, composed of threads linked in a light and dark horizon with random spots and subtle, moving human silhouettes.

Filomena Petrucci is self-taught in plastic arts and has exhibited in museums, cultural spaces and galleries. 

La Dínamica del Neoespressionismo (The Dynamics of Neo-expressionism), Museo Nina, Civitella del Tronto (Teramo, Italy), 2019
Sinfonía Existencial (Existential Symphony), Museo Caracas (Caracas Capital District, Venezuela), 2019
Oyendo Colores (Hearing Colors), Museo Jacobo Borges (Caracas Capital District, Venezuela), 2020
Parallel Exhibition 2019, Mia Art Center (Miami, Florida, USA), 2019
Biennale Wynwood First Edition, Wynwood Art District (Miami, Florida, USA), 2020