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Branka Ridicki • Croatia  www.brankaridicki.com

LIMONI: Through a synthesis of architectural typologies, I evoke images from my personal archive, adding language and text as a diaristic and poetic tool. 

Branka Ridicki's work is based in painting, questioning concepts ranging from the nature of space and time to history, literature and architecture.

Ocean Sea, Almayer Gallery (Zadar, Croatia), 2017
Branka Ridicki: Faces of the City, Vladimir Filakovac Gallery (Zagreb, Croatia), 2016
Branka Ridicki: Vrata grada/City Gate, Kapetanova Kula Gallery (Zadar, Croatia), 2016
Manifest, Barefoot Gallery (Colombo, Sri Lanka), 2016
Branka Ridicki: Cityskapes and Forts, Landesi Villa (Galle, Sri Lanka), 2015