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The Last Trench
Leo Duff • United Kingdom    www.leoduff.com

THE LAST TRENCH: Working with archaeologists at Stonehenge, Leo Duff visualizes the final trench, where their theory was proven changing the known history of the famous stones.

Leo Duff works with a Sense of Place, developing new approaches to different locations involving the historical, social and physical environment.

Past and Present Tense, The Crypt, St Pancras (London, UK), 2019
Winter Salon, Josip Bepo Benkovic Gallery (Herceg Novi, Montenegro), 2019 /17/13.
Anagrams, Kingston Museum (London, UK), 2016
In Transit, BBK Gallery (Oldenburg, Germany), 2014
Touchstone, Salisbury Museum (Salisbury, UK), 2010