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Sakura/Cherry Blossoms
Eun Vivian Lee • South Korea/New York City/Singapore www.eunvivianleestudio.com

SAKURA/CHERRY BLOSSOMS: In light of Coronavirus, I wanted to create something that brings out the beauty in life and helps us to heal the heavy and weary emotions we are all currently dealing with. 

Eun Vivian Lee is a contemporary artist, fascinated by emotions and portraying them through art, using pigment powder made of seashells from Korea as the medium to create dots.

Affordable Art Fair Paradise, Design Gallery (Singapore), 2019
Dope Show, Taksu Gallery (Singapore), 2019 
Future is Female, Taksu Gallery (Singapore), 2019 
Collaboration with Helen Ficalora Jewelry and Deborah Lippmann, Nail Polish (New York, NY), 2019 
Off the Grid, Susan Eley Fine Art (New York, NY), 2019
Future is Female, Taksu Gallery (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia), 2019