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Jean-Marc Matos • France

MYSELVES: Interactive choreographic performance which stages a dialog between a dancer and her multiple selves, embodied in an autonomous and unpredictable visual and aural creature.

K. Danse is a dance company involved in various production, mediation and research projects integrating dance and digital arts – a dialectic confrontation between the physical body and the visual body.

RCO Remixed, VR installation, International Festival of Art and Virtual Reality, Laval Virtual (Laval, France), 2020
RCO, Performance, Explore! event, ENS (Paris-Saclay, France), 2020
Myselves, Performance, Salle du Jeu du Mail (Pamiers, France), 2020
Two Pandoras, Performance, French Institute (Madrid, Spain), 2019
Myselves, Performance, FIAV Festival (Casablanca, Morocco), 2019