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Bharati Kapadia

About the tiles:
Carved in clay, each tile is one of a kind and no image is repeated. Most of the tile images
refer to the Indian, archetypal image of the CHAKRAVYUHA, a maze-like formation which has
also been discovered in other ancient civilizations. In the Indian context, the multiple nuances
of meaning arising out of its historical, literary and philosophical bearings, reflect significant
facets of the present global ethos, as well as address the built-in creative potential in us all:
As a battle formation in the epic Mahabharata, the CHAKRAVYUHA functions as a ‘trap,’
strategically designed to ensnare and annihilate. As MAANASCHAKRA (meaning the
mind-circuit), it addresses the complex layers of the mind and as yantra in the tantra tradition,
it connotes the life-generating womb-space.