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Ralph Brancaccio and Leo Hobaica,

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One Earth

Participants from around the world made a soil trade with us. A Kit was sent to them
containing sterilized French soil and ceremonial tools. They dug a small hole in the ground
where they live and planted the French soil. The empty vile was then re-filled with soil from
their country. After completing this simple, poetic task a One Earth flag was planted, along
with a plaque stating “This artist initiative transcends borders to strengthen the earthly pulse
desiring world peace, equality and environmental protection”. Participants photographed this
initiative and sent us their soil sample.

Part of the soil from each participant has been mixed into resin to make our tiles. This fusion
symbolically creates One Earth, breaking borders that, in our estimation, are arbitrary,
fabricated, and controlled. The soil remaining in each of the returned vials will be sealed in its
container, marked with its place of origin, documented, and displayed as part of a future

Leo Hobaica

"I am a visual artist working primarily in a 3-D, mixed media format. I
create objects; and I work in a site specific, installation format.
I presently teach at the California Institute of the Arts, Valencia,
California; where I help administer the Character Animation Program in
Film/Video. Collaboration is a new influence in the more experimental
aspect of my work. With colleagues at CalArts, I am helping to create an
improvisational performance piece titled THE FLANEUR: A STAGERY (not an