The Tile Project, Destination: The World / 003Brazil

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Malvina Sammarone

Malvina Sammarone is an artist who is constantly exploring new and different materials,
taking advantage of the materials’ rich qualities and the accidental and unexpected results of
working with the materials. Currently she is exploring photography as an artisitc medium.
She also is a founding member of TransCultural Exchange. Her works have been exhibited
both nationally and internationally, including at New York City's Trans
Hudson Gallery, Seoul's Kwanhoon Art Gallery and Venice's Instituto
Universitario d'Architettura di Venezia.

About the tile:
“The tile’s motif is based on a sinuous drawing of the famous Copacabana
Beach sidewalk, that appears on a postcard of Rio de Janeiro, created by the landscape designer Burle Marx,
which was inspired by the sea’s waves. It reflects the joy and the energy of our people. I
would also like to thank Rafaela and Gabriela, two young Brazilian girls, who are experienced
in painting tiles and porcelain, for their help with my tiles.”