Many excellent organizations exist to provide artists with the latest information on calls for exhibitions, competitions, educational programs, residencies, commissions, funding and jobs for artists. Below are those that TransCultural Exchange recommends as excellent starting points. In addition, we've listed museums, organizations, publications and other resources that might be of interest in the left-hand navigation, along with our own news and information on how to request a talk by TransCultural Exchange's director or to host one of TransCultural Exchange's Conferences.

(Please note that we are always interested in improving and adding to this Resources section. If you would like to suggest an organization or are an organization that would like to be included as one of our resources, our terms for listings are available here.)

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TransCultural Exchange's International Exchanges' Impact Report
This report shows that TransCultural Exchange and similar international art exchange programs definitively stimulate economic growth, make for more vibrant, stable and tolerant societies and advance not only the arts but also cross-cultural and trans-disciplinary engagement.

International artists-in-residency programs provide artists with time, space and inspiration to do their work. They are an ideal entrιe into another culture, offering new networks and possibilities. Experiences are also, typically, generative: Participation in one often leads to another. TransArtists is the 'go-to' source for information on more than 400 artist-in-residency program as well as other valuable information, including
• A Searchable Residency Database
• Reviews of Residency Programs
• Calls for Competitions, Festival and Workshops
• Education Programs
• Funding Sources
• Helpful Travel Information
• Related Links
• Studio Spaces
This site regularly lists and accepts calls for exhibitions, residencies, jobs, etc.
This site regularly posts information on jobs, scholarships, competitions, residencies and exhibitions. The postings are typically more international than national in scope. Its services are also free.

North Africa Culture Mobility Map
An excellent resource on initiatives for artists, writers and researchers interested in traveling and developing projects in or within North Africa.

On-the-move is a resource for artists' mobility, including information on
• Funding
• Opportunities
• Tips for International Travel

Cultural Mobility Funding Guide for the USA: Theatre, Performing Arts and Dance
This Guide focuses on issues related to artists mobility, including information on funding for travel.

New York Foundation for the Arts
The New York Foundation for the Arts' resources are primarily geared to New York artists, but its
Classifieds Section also includes information on out-of-state
• Jobs
• Events
• Spaces in NY
• Opportunities, Grants and Funding



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