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Mechanical Universe, Part I: The Pastoral

Dimensions can be varied; each individual 'box': 7.25"x25"x16"
Oil paint on wood, aluminum (steel brackets), motors, solar panels, wire, electronics.

Mechanical Universe was created for the Boston Cybearts Fesitval: the Italian artist Rudi Punzo shipped his cyber insects to the Boston, where Sherman created their living spaces, part irreverent homage to Donald Judd; part reverent homage to Jean Tinguely and Alexander Calder.
But pure Punzo and Sherman.

Each 'box' is a collage of highly textured paint and polished aluminum. At the push of a button, the doors open at staggered intervals, revealing a host of musical 'cyber insects,' before slamming close. The individual 'boxes' also can be re-configured to respond to the architecture of the space in which the piece is exhibited. The idea is to create an up-dated, modular version of the 17th century Italian pastoral by way of the 21st century.

Exhibition Venues
Axiom Gallery, Boston, MA , 2009.
Boston Sculptors Gallery, Boston, MA, 2008.
Boston Cyberarts Festival, Boston, MA, Mechanical Universe (collaboration with Rudi Punzo, Italy), 2007.

Neighbors TV, COLLISION14:pov at Axiom Gallery in Jamaica . . ." Boston, MA, 2009.


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