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Dimensions: 12" x 12" x 3", oil on wood, aluminum, reed sensor, flashing red light.

Taipei is a work that you can carry with you and set up wherever you find yourself – something familiar, something to accompany you like a favorite accessory that, like yourself, can be ever- changeable and adaptable to new surroundings and then packed away to sparkle in another location. The piece consists of five discrete components that be endlessly reconfigured. Removing one of the aluminum panels reveals a flashing red light embedded in the largest part, suggesting Taipei’s neon lit skyline. Together Taipei reflects the city’s landscape – its white tiled buildings and urban flavor, both day and night (represented by the blue sided elements). Special thanks to George Bossarte for his help with the control mechanism for the flashing light.

Exhibition Venues
The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Boston (as a host for Lee Mingwi’s Living Room Project), 2012.
Boston Sculptors Gallery, Boston, MA, Transformers (Curator: Jane Ingram Allen), 2009.
Taipei Artists Village, Taipei, Taiwan (as an artist-in-resident), 2006.

The Boston Globe, "Various Evidence of Enigma", July 22, 2009, by Cate McQuaid.


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