Date: September 11, 2011
Legend: Stars Courtesy Mary (43 Lunker Lights , fishing line);
              Stars Courtesy the Cosmos
installation photo: Latitude 42 N; Longitude 71 W; West Tisbury, Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts, USA

The piece consists of hanging 43 extra celestial orbs (Lunker Lights) on tree branches (40-60' off the ground) and then inviting people to a viewing, a twilight picnic-hunt for stars, divining new constellations, telepathing moon messages to lost friends and distant lovers, remembering:

"Two armies fight throughout the day,
The battle growing fiercer every hour,
But when night's darkness covers them,
Both sleep together in one bed."
- 'Night 13," from 1001 Arabian Nights: Tales of 1001 Nights.


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