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Dimensions variable -the 3 components can be mounted in different configurations than those seen here. In this configuration: 12'x7'x5", oil and newspaper on wood, aluminum, motorized turntable and discs, horn, speakers, sound and martini glass.

At the touch of a button, Spike Jones' song "Cocktails for Two" starts playing (speakers are mounted within the piece), a cocktail glass spins out from one of the painted boxes and coasters are left for the taking. The piece is meant to be a set of quietly elegant structures that, once activated, reveal an irreverent twist, not unlike Jones' music.


Take a chance: Push the button. The romance begins: Music, cocktails, a conversation starter.
Want more? Take ONE of the little 'collages' into the world. Place it under a drink. (Instant coaster.) Enjoy the aphrodisiac of being a rouge collector. The catch: Now that you've snatched the work away from those with the wherewithal to enter a gallery, it is NOT yours to keep.

Liberate Art. Leave the work behind, give it to someone else, pass it on.

Come on, life's short. Recycle the love. After all, isn't that what it's all about?

Exhibition Venues
Oboro, Dream Mechanics, Montreal, Canada (Curator: Tamar Tembeck), 2016.
University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Hampden Gallery, Amherst, MA (Curator: Anne LaPrade), 2011.
Boston Center for the Arts, Boston, MA, What If?, 2003.

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