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Modular Works
Initially academically trained as a painter, my fascination with painting focused on its physicality - how it can be built up, scored, even cut, nailed and glued. This interest led me to take paint out of its historically and continually resurgent illusionary role (eg Marlene Dumas' portraits; Luc Tuyman's ghostly grisailles) into a re-investigation of its object hood, first playing with it as one of many modular elements that could be arranged and re-arranged. Later, the paintings were perched on pedestals. Then, like David Smith's sculptures, they stood directly on the floor (as in A Slip of Her Red Slip) or were stretched across two walls (as in Bolts of Blue), instead of their usual hanging on one.

These - and the use of a machine shop - led to pairing paintings with such industrial materials as polished aluminum for contrast and pause; and later to the creation of an updated baroque ceiling painting, made with motorized panels that hung from the ceiling and flipped over to signify the passing of day to night - ie to my Current Works.


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