Waiting for Yves

with sound by Yannick Franck from Vaiheessa
Tickets embossed with quotes by Samuel Beckett from Waiting for Godot

Mary Sherman’s Waiting for Yves takes painting out of its historically frame- bound constraints and into the realm of space, time, sound and even the social sphere. The piece both references Yves Klein’s Le Vide (The Specialization of Sensibility in the Raw Material State into Stabilized Pictorial Sensibility, The Void) and creates a surround sound environment in which - like Beckett’s famous play Waiting for Godot – the situation is pregnant with possibility, vast nothingness and the realization that one must just go on.

As with all her work, on the one hand researched and referential, modular and formal, Waiting for Yves is psychologically charged: the tactile surfaces insist on the under-valued sense of touch. The deli-like ticket machine dispenses free artworks embossed with the alternating text “I can’t go on” or “I will go on”. Such playfulness is humor masquerading as the super-ego – the super ego trying to make light of that which so terrifies the id that otherwise the poor psyche might completely self-destruct. Therein lies the work’s intangible poignancy, seamlessly aided by Franck’s haunting trek through snow.

Note: Waiting for Yves requires Franck’s accompanied soundtrack, accessible through the headpones and CD players. The work also includes editioned ‘tickets’. Like life, these are for the taking.

Acknowledgements: Grace Chen, Walter Lenk, Peter Lindenmuth and William Stephens of Nexus Machine Shop for their expertise and use of the shop.


© Copyright 2015 Mary Sherman - All rights reserved.