Although my work may seem to suggest otherwise, I think of myself a painter. I am in love with the medium, with the fact that despite repeated cries of its death, painting has endured throughout the centuries, able to respond, adapt and speak across time and place. I am sure that painting continues to have this power to captivate us because it stimulates three senses: most overtly, the visual; more covertly and, perhaps, more indelibly, the aural and tactile. And it is this sensate tease-this suggestion and refusal to be explicit -that forms the core of my work: I am interested in exploiting these relational interactions; to make concrete painting's latent 'music'; to make tangible its touch through the audible; to bring painting into the twenty-first century, into the realm of time with sound.

Increasingly, such ideas have necessitated learning to machine, program and work with collaborators -with engineers, composers, sound artists and, in some cases, with artists around the world for my large-scale projects in the guise of TransCultural Exchange.

Submission to the World Trade Center Memorial Competition [PDF].


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