Image from Delay. Photo credit: Florian Grond, Video [here]. 

Mary Sherman’s work straddles painting, sculpture, installation and performance. Painting however is its driving force: its past mysteries, present forms and future possibilities. Conventional definitions of artistic disciplines are, thus, upturned along the way. Modular in nature and formal in configuration, in her hands, painting’s latent touch is made audible through sound. With the aid of mechanics and digital tools, it is brought into the twenty-first century, into the realm of time and space – but never at the expense of its physical or psychological charge. The work is meant – like the face of a beloved – to stimulate our curiosity, make us smile, forget our anger, give us reason to pause. To even, perhaps, illuminate a truth. Mary Sherman’s work has been described as “shoving the definition of traditional painting into the 3-d and kinetic realm, with work that swings, slides and otherwise responds to viewers.” (Randi Hopkins, The Boston Phoenix)

Catalyst Conversation: Mary Sherman, Florian Grond and Hiroshi Ishii
Catalyst Conversation:Bits, Sights and Sound |MIT,  Mary Sherman, Florian Grond and Hiroshi Ishii
What if You Could Hear a Painting

Mary Sherman, What if You Could Hear a Painting, Leonardo Electronic Almanac/MIT Press

Featured in:
Letter to Lucy, A Manifesto of Creative Redemption–In the Age of Trump, Fascism and Lies by Frank Schaffer, Apple Books, p. 277- 290.


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