Here There and Everywhere: The Art Of Collaboration
People: Part II   Culture

Invisible Cities
James McLeod • USA • Artist and Professor
Oben Abright • USA • Artist
Ayse Balyemez • Turkey • Artist and Print Studio Director
Hande BuyukatlI • Turkey • Artist and Lecturer's Assistant
Berna Gol • Turkey • Architect and Musician
Gulfidan Ozmen • Turkey • Artist and Designer
Leo Tecosky • USA • Artist

According to James McLeod, “Invisible Cities is a new media partnership between artists from Istanbul and New York that will culminate in installations in both New York City and Istanbul. For the past three years, seven visual artists, eight video artists and a growing number of musicians have been working together to explore the many aspects of cross-cultural identity, ultimately creating a collective artistic vision of metropolitan areas continents apart. The final product of these artists' collaboration with Floating World Projects will feature eight time-elapsed videos of both New York City and Istanbul, a variety of music produced collaboratively by Turkish and American musicians and a selection of collaborative graphic glass work, executed by the seven visual artists.

“Floating World Projects is an arts organization that transcends cultural stereotypes and prejudices via arts education and artistic collaboration. Through the viewing of our world as a place of artistic possibility —as opposed to a world limited by rigid, static and ultimately ersatz political and geographical boundaries—Floating World Projects aims to develop and sustain cross-cultural media projects that highlight how cultures form positive symbiotic relationships in our new global age.

“Additionally, beginning in the summer of 2011, the four Turkish artists that the Floating World Projects recently worked with on a residency in Istanbul will be traveling to the US to work on a month-long residency at Massachusetts College of Art and Design and Public Glass.”

Massachusetts College of Art and Design • Boston, Massachusetts, USA •
Dates TBA

Born of a pioneering spirit, Massachusetts College of Art and Design is the nation’s first independent public college of art and design—and the first art school to grant a degree.

Public Glass • San Francisco, California, USA • Dates TBA

Public Glass is a studio and school formed to meet the needs of Bay Area artists working in hot glass and students interested in glass as art. Over the last ten years, as the premier hot glass non-profit in San Francisco, Public Glass has been a destination for students and artists from around the world who want to learn more or practice their art.

TBA: Istanbul, Turkey

TBA: New York City, New York, USA