Here There and Everywhere: The Art Of Collaboration
People: Part II   Biology

Photo Credit:Zsuzsanna Ardó

Autocatalysis, Cooperativity and Compression
Zsuzsanna Ardó • United Kingdom/Hungary •Artist Curator and Writer
Dr. Daniel Andor • United Kingdom/Hungary • Biological Physicist and Musician
Tom Culora • Italy/USA • Visual Artist

About their work, the collaborators write, “Autocatalysis, Cooperativity and Compression draws on three interrelated notions in biological physics: autocatalysis—a reaction in which one or more of the products act as catalysts to accelerate the same reaction; cooperativity—a mechanism in which a system’s components can coordinate their activity to help accomplish a task; and compression—the short-hand transformation of information to speed the sorting and recognition processes in the brain.

“The Autocatalysis, Cooperativity and Compression triad layers intimately with central meta-themes of TransCultural Exchange’s Here, There and Everywhere: The Art of Collaboration: the notion of artists/scientists working together in a catalytic environment, inspiring artistic cooperation in which each challenges and instigates the other. The collaborators of Autocatalysis, Cooperativity and Compression apply their diverse, respective disciplines to investigate visual corollaries of autocatalysis, cooperativity and compression.

“During this process, each collaborator has individually created images based on a common reference (100 small recycled balsa wood panels), drawing on their individual artistic lexicons. Then a pre-selected subset of these panels are exchanged and visually altered in an ongoing autocatalytic, cooperative and compressed process. During the first three phases of this process, each collaborator is drawing on the visual and intellectual clues provided by their colleagues and then altering the shared panels by applying their individual aesthetic. The last reconstruction phase will bring the collaborators together to produce a site-specific work using each of the completed 100 panels.

“Each of the Autocatalysis, Cooperativity and Compression collaborators’ primary cultural life and professional experiences, as well as their multidisciplinary approaches, is trans-cultural. Autocatalysis, Cooperativity and Compression is a three-way collaboration, geographically located in three cities, on two continents, between Dr. Daniel Andor, a British-Hungarian biological physicist and musician working in New York City; Zsuzsanna Ardó, a British-Hungarian photographer, curator and writer working from London; and Tom Culora, an Italian-American visual artist working from Rhode Island.”

Slovenkski Etnografski Muzej - SEM (Slovene Ethnographic Museum) •
Ljubljana • Slovenia, April 2011

The Slovene Ethnographic Museum is a museum "about people, for people," a museum of cultural identities, the link between the past and the present, between Slovene and other cultures, between the natural world and civilization.

The Royal Institution
London • UK •Autumn 2011

The Royal Institution is the oldest independent research body in the world.