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The Coaster Project, March 9 - May 29, 2002
Venues: see below

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(Email) Davis, Antarctica


(Email and Photo) Brazil

(poster) Sao Paulo

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(photos) The Arch Bar and Cafe, Changning District, Shanghai, February 2008

(Email) Inner Mongolia, China

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Palais de Tokyo PR


(Photo) Munich, Germany

(Photo) Munich, Germany

(Photo) Munich, Germany


(Email and Photos) Ahmedabad, India


Letter from the Mayor of Tel Aviv

(Email) Tel Aviv, Israel

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New Zealand

(Email) New Zealand

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(poster) Velenje, Slovenia

South Africa

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South Korea

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(Email) Spain

(poster) Salamanca, Spain


(Photos) Switzerland


(Invitation and Poster) Turkey



(Email) Valencia, California


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Chicago, Illinois - Letter from Sofia Zutautas of Chicago's Department of Cultural Affairs

(Email and photos) Chicago, Illinois

(Photos) Chicago, Illinois

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Gertrude's Café at the Baltimore Museum of Art Poster

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(Email) Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Massachusetts

(Photos) Boston, Massachusetts

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New York

(Email and photos) New York, NY

(Photos) New York

(Photos) New York

New York Free Biennial

North Dakota

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(Email and Photos) Tulsa, Oklahoma

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(Email) Portland, Oregon


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