The Tile Project, Destination: The World, 2004 - 2006
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Steven Aishman

Steve Aishman is a photographer whose work has been displayed at museums and galleries
nationally and internationally including the DeCordova Museum and the Gallery@Green St. in
Boston. He is currently a Professor of Photography at Savannah College of Art and Design.

About the tile:
Participation in the TCE has provided me with an opportunity to communicate in a way that I
could not pass up. For my part, I have tried to create a set of tiles that I felt would support
and provide contrast for the other tiles; like a member of a chorus doing their part to sing as
well as they can, without standing out. I wanted to be a down beat or a visual rest in the
mosaic that our tiles would become, so I tried to create a piece that would convey my
desperate desire to reach out and communicate with the world as best I can. I hope other
people can relate to this desire to communicate and I hope I have helped the TCE succeed
in its goal to provide the means for many others to participate in new forms of global