The Tile Project, Destination: The World, 2004 - 2006
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Chen Chien-Jung

Chen Chien-Jung is a painter, who lives and works in Taipei. He received
the "Golden Prize in Drawing" award from The 11th International
Biennial Printing and Drawing Exhibition, R.O.C. in 2003, the "Fine
Arts Prize of The Rotary of Taipei Tunghua", and the "Kaohsiung
Prize of The 18th Kaohsiung Fine Arts Exhibition" in 2001. He also was
an artist in resident at Citi Internationale des Arts in Paris in 2002,
and the the Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts in 2000.

About the tile:
The subject of this work is based on his idea of architecture, and the
space of city. The artist enjoys playing with images of construction and
his personal feelings.