The Tile Project, Destination: The World, 2004 - 2006
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Clara Gallardo

About the tile:
“The Tagalog word “binhi” literally translates as seed or embryo—a small ovule from which a plant or
animal can grow. “Binhi” also refers to the beginning of anything—a starting point, or origin.

My tiles, with their multicolored bumps and dots, and black tendril-like shapes are meant to
resemble the growth pattern of spores, fungi, and budding plants. Like “binhi,” I see my tiles
as little spores—small vessels containing a part of my identity and culture, which, through this
project, I am able to share with artists and viewers around the world. The idea of “binhi” as a
point of origin is also applicable to how I see myself—a young artist taking her tentative first
steps in the making and sharing of art.”