This is an email from Mary Sherman, telling about the China exhibit.

Dear Everyone,

As the people in China don't have email and I just met with one of them, Moni (who is now in boston for 6 weeks), I thought I'd pass along what he told/showed me. First they made a BEAUTIFUL poster for the coaster project. They were very popular --the first one they put up was stolen. They hung the coasters from ribbons from the ceiling so people could look at the fronts and backs of them. The ones that were too heavy they laid out on a table for people to pick up and look at. In the other site, they hung the coasters on the wall against a black background. Between the coasters, they hung cups. . . I saw pictures. They look great. Eventually we'll get them up on the internet (I hope) Also Moni was on television every night for 2 weeks--two separate programs that ran for a week each--in a spot that talked about the shows. In addition, both places were the shows took place are keeping the coasters--they want to have a set of international work for students/the public to be able to view. There seemed to be a huge amount of interest/support for the project--myself, I'm happy to know that the work's made it through mainland China's very strict customs.. . I saw Moni at the opening we had here at the Barbara Krakow Gallery. they have a show of Philip diLorca's photograhs at the same time. A lot of people seemed very interested in the project. The more people that seem to find out about it and begin to understand the scope of it, the more interest there seems to be.. Anyway, we have a number of more shows/events planned here so I will keep you posted. Also, in Boston, we have put out a call for local artists to make one coaster to show with the set at New England School of Art & Design (which will be given out at the DeCordova Museum and Sculpture Park.) I think we've already recieved about 200 individual pieces--the "call" for those works went out just a few weeks ago.. .. Very best regards to everyone & many, many thanks for making this a huge success.