Hi Everyone,

I just got this message from Antarctica where my set is being display and distributed. Hopefully I'll have some pictures soon. Congratulations to all who have had their show and good luck to those about to.

Best, Ted Cantrell

From Nick Lovibond Australian Antarctic Division This paragraph was in our in-house newsletter on Friday 15th March:

"Mick produced another memorable Saturday dinner and all the place settings had an original work of art as part of the layout. The International Coaster Art display representing the original work of some 99 artists began its Antarctic season at Davis. Over the next 4 weeks each Saturday night the tables will be decorated with original works of art for the expeditioners to admire, keep and swap. The first nights display generated much discussion and those artists who included an e-mail address on the back of their works can expect chatty e-mails from expeditioners. The exhibition, which is taking place simultaneously in many countries around the world, is sponsored by TransCultural Exchange. The International Coaster Art display was admired by all."

There were photographs showing coasters set around the tables. Hope all that's OK - and that the other venues are enjoying the coasters too. I'll check with Michael at Davis, and ask that he send some photographs.

Your website with all the coasters looks great! Best wishes, cheers Nick.