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Shawn Dallas Stradley

My name is Shawn Dallas Stradley, I was born 25 July 1967 in Salt Lake City, Utah. I have lived many other places including Ecuador, New York, London, San Diego, and Denver, but now reside in my home town of Salt Lake City. I have been actively involved in the local arts community for a number of years and am in the process of emerging as an artist myself. I am also a poet that has been writing for many years and I am looking forward to publishing my first three books soon, October, Deep Water and Birth of a Hero.

Title of Coasters: NO “X” 53 Coasters Series
I made 125 numbered coasters that when collected together and in order provide a continuous read of some of my early poetry. In the background is a letter and a thought provoking word for some additional layering. Copper is a very important local resource so this became a very natural choice for the base.