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Kim Sillen Gledhill


Living in Manhattan in the wake of September 11, I felt the only kind of art I could possibly make was something that reflected the growing realization of how connected we all are, no matter who we are. I wanted to do something that felt all-inclusive-- that was about individuals--yet as a group somehow spoke of unity. I also felt a need to just put some good energy out there, plain and simple. I've always been interested in portraiture, and I thought this was the perfect opportunity to create fifty new coaster-sized, oil-painted portraits that represent a diverse array of people of different ages and ethnicities. (The other fifty coasters are reproductions of people I have painted in the past.) Each painting is something of a quirky document about personality, which I hope comes through irregardless of a viewer's cultural background. Most of all, I hope that whoever receives the coasters gets a little spark of happiness from them.