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Leo H. Hobaica Jr.

I am a visual artist working primarily in a 3-D, mixed media format. I create objects; and I work in a site specific, installation format.

I presently teach at the California Institute of the Arts, Valencia, California; here I help administer the Character Animation Program in Film/Video. In January 2003, I will be on sabbatical and will spend 8 months in Paris, working on various projects and looking for teaching/artistic opportunities in Europe.

Collaboration is a new influence in the more experimental aspect of my work. With colleagues at CalArts, I am helping to create an improvisational performance piece titled THE FLANEUR: A STAGERY (not an opera) to premier in May.

Title of Coasters: No Evidence
The title of my coaster is NO EVIDENCE. This small disc of blue perhaps invites conversations about popular culture, privacy, genetics, individual resonance, and the great beauty found in the body. If one chose to rest a beverage on this coaster, the delicate web articulated by my thumbprint would disintegrate quite easily. If forensic scientists were to look for details of my genetic code from this disintegrated paper mess, the metaphor is: they would find no evidence.