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Iztok Smajs Muni

My works are heterogeneous conglomerates, dealing with new utopias, which represent neo-conceptual ideas. An artist manipulates with his own patterns, installs them in “special chambers” animating a “whole area,” emphasizing a particular entity relating to the whole—a single post-modern art work simply done with concentration, warmth and devotion. Discovering the forces dictating form, shape and colour! Patterns considered as “images” in some cases. Iztok Smajs Muni's other fields of interest : photography, mural painting, drawing, instalation, site specific instalation, miniature “quantum painting-drawing,” formless structures, new media, “tantra” drawings.

The picture suggests numerous interpretations and is done in a series of more than 500 pieces. The spectator never sees them as an “automatic-unconcious” grid, depicting the deepest possible body-unconcious layers. Some pictorial elements relate. Unconcious cerebral vibrations are revealed—pattern, rhizome or even something else.