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Karmela Berg

Israeli artist, lives and works in Tel-Aviv, graduate of Kalisher Art School, Tel-Aviv, holder of BA degree in History and Philosophy from Tel-Aviv University. BA from Jerusalem Department of Music Academy. Her works have been presented in solo and group exhibitions in private galleries in Tel-Aviv, Jaffa, Ein-Hod and in public institutions such as Tel-Aviv philharmonic Hall, Painters and Sculptures Association, Bialik House, Jerusalem Theatre, as well as abroad in biennales in Spain, Slovenia, Yugoslavia, Poland, Italy, USA, solo exhibition in Barcelona and galleries in Denmark, Sweden, Tokyo Municipal Fine Arts Museum, Kurashiki Municipal Fine Arts Museum in Japan and Nankin National Fine Arts Museum in China. A member of several international associations. Participated in special projects such as “Milestones for Peace,” “Green Not Cement,” “Postcards” and “Peace” in Bar David Museum.

The artist deals with the contemporary visual interpretation of scientific research, in cracking the human gene code. Her work is an attempt to seek and examine changing values such as sacrifice, self-awareness, parentage, life circuits, the relationships between materials, colors and proportions—as attempts to quantify the significance of the great breakthrough which the computerization and minimization have contributed to the human genome research. The range of her work is varied: oil on canvas, mixed media, installation (one of her sculptures is installed in Tel-Aviv Zoological garden), work on paper, mini prints. Also published an artist-book with author Amos Oz.